Dedication to The Goodrich Family

Goodrich Dedication

The Goodrich family finally got to see their home today! Builders, vendors, contractors, neighbors, and family all came to support the family as they received a gift that they are more than deserving of, a mortgage-free single family home. A lot went into making this day possible. Sight & Sound Systems only played a small role in this operation as it took many volunteers to supply the materials and put the walls up. If you would like to learn more about the Goodrich family and our participation in Operation Finally Home, visit our previous article.


Both Michael and his wife, Jacquline, looked completely amazed with how everything had turned out. Jacquline said she still couldn’t believe it was real and felt like she was still in shock. Everything had turned out even better than she could have imagine. Lucy’s eyes were full of excitement and couldn’t wait to show everyone her new bedroom, Tag loved the star wars theme for his room, and Michael had some of his artwork hung up in the basement just outside where his art studio was. They all looked like they were finally home.

Operation Finally Home Lucy Goodrich
Operation Finally Home Goodrich Dedication Color Guard


The ceremony began with the Air Force Guard in training and was followed by the Motorcycle Guards escorting the Goodrich family to their future home. There were many great people eagerly waiting to welcome the family. Speeches were given by members of Miller & Smith, Veterans, and Locals to welcome the Goodrich family. Shortly after, the family headed inside their new home to take their first look. While the Goodrich family was taking in the new home, everyone else enjoyed some delicious BBQ. The day turned out to be a great success.

Read more about Michael and his family here.


Sight & Sound Systems was honored to work with such a wonderful family. We hope our small contribution can bring more joy to their lives. Congratulations to the Goodrich family.

Operation Finally Home Goodrich family and Sight & Sound Team
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