As more and more devices require a connection to the internet, it’s important to have a reliable and easy to use connection in your home. Internet service providers give you WiFi hardware which is included in your internet package, but these devices often fall short when it comes to providing a fast and reliable connection throughout your home.

When it comes to calling your Internet Service Provider’s tech support, you may speak with a representative who doesn’t fully understand the issues you are experiencing. The call can result in the purchase of faster, more expensive, internet service. Unfortunately, internet slowness is usually caused within the home and is

not remedied by the Internet Service Provider. At the end of the day, the network inside your home is still slow and you are now paying a higher monthly bill.

 Sight and Sound Systems, Inc. specializes in diagnosing and resolving in-home network issues such as low WiFi range, WiFi signal interference, sporadic network crashes, etc. If you are regularly experiencing network slowness or failures, contact a Sight and Sound Systems representative and schedule an appointment for a technician to conduct a system diagnostic. The technician will build a report and will be able to provide possible solutions to resolve your network concerns.