Can I connect my cables to the hub inside the electronic enclosure?

Your electronic enclosure may have a phone hub which the ethernet cables will fit. However, this is simply for your phone lines in the home and not for your LAN outlets.

How do I connect multiple sources to my HDMI run?

In order to connect all of your video sources to your TV using a single HDMI cable you would need one of two options. You may use an HDMI selector/switcher or use an A/V receiver with built in HDMI switching. This option can be provided by Sight & Sound Systems for an additional fee.

How do I mount my TV?

Sight & Sound Systems can provide professional installation of your flat screen TV. If you will be installing your TV on your own, accessories and instruction manual have been left in your home.

How to set up your speaker plate

No need to worry! We have created step-by-step video tutorials to walk you through everything you need to know about your speaker plate! Now you can DIY and save a few bucks.


Why should I get technology installed professionally instead of doing it myself?

There are several benefits to getting a professional home automation installation instead of trying to do it yourself (DIY). Many errors can occur when people try to install their own technologies. One possible error is that a door entry system could open for anyone instead of only the people approved by the homeowner, which can be a major safety concern. Another aspect to consider is low-voltage wiring requirements. Complex wiring in major home automation projects takes professional expertise to be done correctly. Homeowners risk losing money and time trying to do this by themselves. Working with or around electrical wiring without proper knowledge can also be very dangerous. In addition, DIY projects typically sacrifice style as compared to those done by a professional. Professional installers can work closely with designers to ensure that the client gets the most for their money with a finished that looks great and works properly. Lastly, some DIY products strain existing communication networks in the house. A professional can predict and plan for the amount of strain that new products would place on the system and what would work best for the optimal situation. These are some of the many benefits of hiring a professional for home automation.


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