No Feat Too Great or Small

This project proved to be nothing short of a challenge. Not a single wall in this room was the same length or parallel and the space was a tight squeeze. This didn’t make for the best dedicated entertainment room but with the collaborative effort of various specialists it was transformed into a grand home theater.

The Little Details

Just about everything in this home theater was custom made. The custom seats were designed by Fortress Seatingthe custom floor to ceiling acoustic panels and starlight ceiling were provided by Kinetics Noise Controlthe strategically positioned speakers are from Triadand the painting is a new piece from artist Elena PetrovaThe stone columns, projector screen, cove and down lighting, and carpet were also installed with great craftsmanship. 

The Process

Notice the awkward bulk heads and how small the TV-sided wall was before the project. We fixed this by taking down the drywall, re-framing the room, moving HVAC, plumbing, and wires to create more symmetry. With a more balanced room, we were able to provide our skills and resources to create a unique and exquisite home theater.

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